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I am not a big traveler. But on the other side, targets for my holidays, I am choosing very carefully. Holidays near of sea, for example in Croatia I leave on my older age. No, i don't say that this kind of holiday is waste of time. Maybe that laying on a beach isn't bad, but I only think, that on holiday of this type man may go, when he is 50 year old with the crowd of children. But, how you read bellow, I finally visited Croatia too.

Photos from my travels

Norway Norway on bike 3.8.1997 - 17.8.1997
Iceland Faroe islands Iceland and Faroe islands 14.8.1998 - 5.9.1998
Great Britain Great Britain 7.8.1999 - 21.8.1999
Croatia Croatia with car xx.9.2000 - xx.9.2000
Austria From Passau to Bratislava on bike 14.7.2001 - 18.7.2001
Croatia IT regata 2002, or Croatia from board of yacht 11.05.2002 - 17.05.2002
Polland Lithuania Latvia Estonia Finland Norway Sweden Denmark Germany Czech republic Slovak republic Northest cap of Europe with car 1.8.2003 19.8.2003
France Paris 5.12.2003 - 7.12.2003
Slovakia Caverns of Slovakia 23.8.2004 - 27.8.2004
Austria Biking near of See in Austria 1.8.2005 - 19.8.2005
Tunisia Tunisia 7.9.2006 - 14.9.2006

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