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Flag of Zambia Zambia

Regions of Zambia

Central Copperbelt Eastern Luapula Lusaka
North-Western Northern Southern Western

Cities of Central

Balanbeen Balanbeen Balanbeen Balnabeen Balnabeen
Balnabeen Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bangabanga
Bangabanga Bangabanga Belleview Belleview Belleview
Belview Belview Belview Bingwe Bingwe
Bingwe Buchi and kamitondo Buchi and kamitondo Buchi and kamitondo Busonge
Busonge Busonge Butondo Butondo Butondo
Bwana mkubwa Bwana mkubwa Bwana mkubwa Chalubingu Chalubingu
Chalubingu Chamakondi Chamakondi Chamakondi Chamankondi
Chamankondi Chamankondi Chambezi Chambezi Chambezi
Chambishi Chambishi Chambishi Chamuela Chamuela
Chamuela Chamwela Chamwela Chamwela Chansuleni
Chansuleni Chansuleni Chatiala Chatiala Chatiala
Chekorwa Chekorwa Chekorwa Chemankata Chemankata
Chemankata Chembe Chembe Chembe Cheya
Cheya Cheya Cheyelele Cheyelele Cheyelele
Chiaba Chiaba Chiaba Chibuluma Chibuluma
Chibuluma Chibungu Chibungu Chibungu Chief nkana
Chief nkana Chief nkana Chief nkana's court Chief nkana's court Chief nkana's court
Chifubu Chifubu Chifubu Chikiamoni Chikiamoni
Chikiamoni Chikombi Chikombi Chikombi Chikosheni
Chikosheni Chikosheni Chikoti Chikoti Chikoti
Chikululu Chikululu Chikululu Chikumbi Chikumbi
Chikumbi Chilabombwe Chilabombwe Chilabombwe Chilantali
Chilantali Chilantali Chiliabombwe Chiliabombwe Chiliabombwe
Chiliadomewe Chiliadomewe Chiliadomewe Chililabombwe Chililabombwe
Chililabombwe Chilimina Chilimina Chilimina Chilobia
Chilobia Chilobia Chilosha Chilosha Chilosha
Chilumbulwa Chilumbulwa Chilumbulwa Chimankata Chimankata
Chimankata Chimbala Chimbala Chimbala Chimbala sepa
Chimbala sepa Chimbala sepa Chimbalanga Chimbalanga Chimbalanga
Chimiamoni Chimiamoni Chimiamoni Chimoto Chimoto
Chimoto Chimyamauni Chimyamauni Chimyamauni Chinama
Chinama Chinama Chingola Chingola Chingola
Chingula Chingula Chingula Chingulo Chingulo
Chingulo Chinka Chinka Chinka Chinke
Chinke Chinke Chintimba Chintimba Chintimba
Chipembere Chipembere Chipembere Chipeteni Chipeteni
Chipeteni Chiramina Chiramina Chiramina Chirumburwa
Chirumburwa Chirumburwa Chisampala Chisampala Chisampala
Chisampara Chisampara Chisampara Chisapwa Chisapwa
Chisapwa Chisawakona Chisawakona Chisawakona Chitanda
Chitanda Chitanda Chitongobesa Chitongobesa Chitongobesa
Chitundu Chitundu Chitundu Chiwala Chiwala
Chiwala Chiwempala Chiwempala Chiwempala Chiyaba
Chiyaba Chiyaba Chondwe Chondwe Chondwe
Chuba Chuba Chuba Fisenge Fisenge
Fisenge Fisonge township Fisonge township Fisonge township Fiwale
Fiwale Fiwale Fubera Fubera Fubera
Fundi Fundi Fundi Garneton Garneton
Garneton Ibenga Ibenga Ibenga Itimpi
Itimpi Itimpi Jeke mabenga Jeke mabenga Jeke mabenga
Jimboma Jimboma Jimboma Kabange Kabange
Kabange Kabangula Kabangula Kabangula Kabende
Kabende Kabende Kabunda shichubo Kabunda shichubo Kabunda shichubo
Kabunda-bwina Kabunda-bwina Kabunda-bwina Kachega Kachega
Kachega Kafukanya Kafukanya Kafukanya Kafulafuta
Kafulafuta Kafulafuta Kahende Kahende Kahende
Kakosa west Kakosa west Kakosa west Kalabaila Kalabaila
Kalabaila Kalabwe Kalabwe Kalabwe Kalaswa
Kalaswa Kalaswa Kaleshi Kaleshi Kaleshi
Kalibwe Kalibwe Kalibwe Kalibwi Kalibwi
Kalibwi Kalimba Kalimba Kalimba Kalimpata
Kalimpata Kalimpata Kaluba Kaluba Kaluba
Kalulshi Kalulshi Kalulshi Kalulushi Kalulushi
Kalulushi Kalwe Kalwe Kalwe Kalyanabulwani
Kalyanabulwani Kalyanabulwani Kambowa Kambowa Kambowa
Kambowa farm Kambowa farm Kambowa farm Kamfwa Kamfwa
Kamfwa Kamufwika Kamufwika Kamufwika Kamwendo
Kamwendo Kamwendo Kangonde Kangonde Kangonde
Kangondi Kangondi Kangondi Kansuswa Kansuswa
Kansuswa Kanyanje Kanyanje Kanyanje Kapapula
Kapapula Kapapula Kapaputa Kapaputa Kapaputa
Kapiri Kapiri Kapiri Kaponda Kaponda
Kaponda Karabwe Karabwe Karabwe Karobwe
Karobwe Karobwe Kasabua Kasabua Kasabua
Kasamwa Kasamwa Kasamwa Kashitu Kashitu
Kashitu Kasompe Kasompe Kasompe Kasunu
Kasunu Kasunu Katanga Katanga Katanga
Katanino Katanino Katanino Katanoni Katanoni
Katanoni Katata Katata Katata Katelele
Katelele Katelele Katola Katola Katola
Katota Katota Katota Kayebaila Kayebaila
Kayebaila Kayola Kayola Kayola Kimoto
Kimoto Kimoto Kitwe Kitwe Kitwe
Kitwe nkana Kitwe nkana Kitwe nkana Koluba Koluba
Koluba Kombi Kombi Kombi Konkola
Konkola Konkola Korsheni Korsheni Korsheni
Kumbwe Kumbwe Kumbwe Kumbwi Kumbwi
Kumbwi Lesa Lesa Lesa Leza
Leza Leza Limboma Limboma Limboma
Limbusha Limbusha Limbusha Longone Longone
Longone Longwani Longwani Longwani Luanshya
Luanshya Luanshya Luanshyo Luanshyo Luanshyo
Lubesha Lubesha Lubesha Lubuila Lubuila
Lubuila Lucheshi Lucheshi Lucheshi Lukeshi
Lukeshi Lukeshi Lukoshi Lukoshi Lukoshi
Lukungwe Lukungwe Lukungwe Lumata Lumata
Lumata Lumena Lumena Lumena Lumpuma
Lumpuma Lumpuma Lunda Lunda Lunda
Lusalya Lusalya Lusalya Lusaya Lusaya
Lusaya Lutele Lutele Lutele Lutende
Lutende Lutende Lutwiika Lutwiika Lutwiika
Lutwiki Lutwiki Lutwiki Luvesha Luvesha
Luvesha Lwandamina Lwandamina Lwandamina Lwandomina
Lwandomina Lwandomina Lwengeshi Lwengeshi Lwengeshi
Lyolomena Lyolomena Lyolomena Lyolomona Lyolomona
Lyolomona Mabenga Mabenga Mabenga Mabomba
Mabomba Mabomba Machiya Machiya Machiya
Maisa Maisa Maisa Makiya Makiya
Makiya Malabo Malabo Malabo Malanye
Malanye Malanye Malembe Malembe Malembe
Malembeka Malembeka Malembeka Maliafita Maliafita
Maliafita Malilo Malilo Malilo Malisawa
Malisawa Malisawa Malokota Malokota Malokota
Malyafita Malyafita Malyafita Mapeleka Mapeleka
Mapeleka Mapota Mapota Mapota Marembika
Marembika Marembika Masaiti Masaiti Masaiti
Matisowa Matisowa Matisowa Matutu Matutu
Matutu Maumba Maumba Maumba Mavenga
Mavenga Mavenga Mbunda Mbunda Mbunda
Merera Merera Merera Metamba Metamba
Metamba Mfwaya Mfwaya Mfwaya Milomwe
Milomwe Milomwe Mindolo Mindolo Mindolo
Misundu Misundu Misundu Mitwe Mitwe
Mitwe Mofwe Mofwe Mofwe Mokola
Mokola Mokola Mokolo Mokolo Mokolo
Momba Momba Momba Momba farm Momba farm
Momba farm Mondaka Mondaka Mondaka Moyana
Moyana Moyana Mpatamatu Mpatamatu Mpatamatu
Mpelabusi Mpelabusi Mpelabusi Mpelabusi farm Mpelabusi farm
Mpelabusi farm Mpemba Mpemba Mpemba Mpongwe
Mpongwe Mpongwe Mpota Mpota Mpota
Mpupulwa Mpupulwa Mpupulwa Mpupwa Mpupwa
Mpupwa Mpyana Mpyana Mpyana Mtolilo
Mtolilo Mtolilo Mubanga Mubanga Mubanga
Muchesa Muchesa Muchesa Muchesu Muchesu
Muchesu Muflandi Muflandi Muflandi Mufuli
Mufuli Mufuli Mufulira Mufulira Mufulira
Mufusa Mufusa Mufusa Mufwaya Mufwaya
Mufwaya Mufyene Mufyene Mufyene Mufyeni
Mufyeni Mufyeni Mugoti Mugoti Mugoti
Muikuma Muikuma Muikuma Muketi Muketi
Muketi Mukolwe Mukolwe Mukolwe Mukopora
Mukopora Mukopora Mukukutu Mukukutu Mukukutu
Mukukutwa Mukukutwa Mukukutwa Mukushi Mukushi
Mukushi Mulekelwa Mulekelwa Mulekelwa Mulilo
Mulilo Mulilo Mulimba Mulimba Mulimba
Mumba Mumba Mumba Mungoti Mungoti
Mungoti Munkumpu Munkumpu Munkumpu Muntanda
Muntanda Muntanda Murundi Murundi Murundi
Murundu Murundu Murundu Murundu farm Murundu farm
Murundu farm Musakabantu Musakabantu Musakabantu Muscala
Muscala Muscala Musekabantu Musekabantu Musekabantu
Mushamu Mushamu Mushamu Mushidi Mushidi
Mushidi Mushili Mushili Mushili Mushimba
Mushimba Mushimba Mushiri Mushiri Mushiri
Mushyala Mushyala Mushyala Musonga Musonga
Musonga Mutanda Mutanda Mutanda Mutanye
Mutanye Mutanye Mutas Mutas Mutas
Mutasa Mutasa Mutasa Mutolilo Mutolilo
Mutolilo Mutwale Mutwale Mutwale Mwalubu
Mwalubu Mwalubu Mwanakonse Mwanakonse Mwanakonse
Mwandelu Mwandelu Mwandelu Mwelushi Mwelushi
Mwelushi Mwema nyala Mwema nyala Mwema nyala Mwikuma
Mwikuma Mwikuma Mwilye Mwilye Mwilye
Mwisa Mwisa Mwisa Nangula Nangula
Nangula Nchanga Nchanga Nchanga Nchanga mine
Nchanga mine Nchanga mine Nchinke Nchinke Nchinke
Ndola Ndola Ndola Ndubeni Ndubeni
Ndubeni Ngosa Ngosa Ngosa Ngosa farm
Ngosa farm Ngosa farm Ngoyi Ngoyi Ngoyi
Njak Njak Njak Nkambo Nkambo
Nkambo Nkana Nkana Nkana Nkana-kitwe
Nkana-kitwe Nkana-kitwe Nkapato Nkapato Nkapato
Nkonde Nkonde Nkonde Nkondukoyu Nkondukoyu
Nkondukoyu Nkonkola Nkonkola Nkonkola Nkumbula
Nkumbula Nkumbula Nkumesha Nkumesha Nkumesha
Nsepe Nsepe Nsepe Ntapwa Ntapwa
Ntapwa Nuala Nuala Nuala Nyenyeshi
Nyenyeshi Nyenyeshi Papaloka Papaloka Papaloka
Patama Patama Patama Pitila Pitila
Pitila Popaloka Popaloka Popaloka Pukota
Pukota Pukota Pungula Pungula Pungula
Pupulua Pupulua Pupulua Puputua Puputua
Puputua Saint anthony's Saint anthony's Saint anthony's Saint joseph's
Saint joseph's Saint joseph's Saint mary's Saint mary's Saint mary's
Saka Saka Saka Saleni Saleni
Saleni Sareni Sareni Sareni Sempala
Sempala Sempala Sensenta Sensenta Sensenta
Shamfuti Shamfuti Shamfuti Shamuteya Shamuteya
Shamuteya Shibuchinga Shibuchinga Shibuchinga Shimukunami
Shimukunami Shimukunami Shimukunvama Shimukunvama Shimukunvama
Shimukunyama Shimukunyama Shimukunyama Shipanda Shipanda
Shipanda Sibuchinga Sibuchinga Sibuchinga Side
Side Side Sindano Sindano Sindano
Songolo Songolo Songolo Suse Suse
Suse Tapwa Tapwa Tapwa Twapia
Twapia Twapia Venture Venture Venture
Wacha Wacha Wacha Walamba Walamba
Walamba Walomba Walomba Walomba Wanashimba
Wanashimba Wanashimba Wusikili Wusikili Wusikili
Zembeshi Zembeshi Zembeshi

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