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Flag of Jamaica Jamaica

Regions of Jamaica

Clarendon Hanover Kingston Manchester Portland
Saint Andrew Saint Ann Saint Catherine Saint Elizabeth Saint James
Saint Mary Saint Thomas Trelawny Westmoreland

Cities of Clarendon

Alexandria Alley Alston Alva Amity
Amity hall Arthurs seat Ashlers Ashley hall Ashleys
Bachams cottage Bailleston Baillieston Balcarres Balcarris
Baldwins cottage Banks Beacham cottage Beachams Beckford kraal
Beckfords Belle plain Belmont Bog Bog plain
Boldness Borobridge Bowen crawle Bowens Bowens hall
Brandon hill Brazalitta Braziletta Braziletto Brazilletos
Brazilletto Breadnut bottom British Brixton hill Brobridge
Brokenbank Bryans Bryans hill Bryans pen Budley park
Bullards Bushy park Carlisle Carlyle Cartwheel
Caswell hill Chandlers pen Chapelton Chateau Chesterfield
Claredon park Clarendon park Cliffords rest Coates Coates pen
Cockpit Cockpit village Cockpits Cockshop Cocoa walk
Colonels ridge Comfort village Content village Corn hill Corner shop
Cottage Crofts Crofts hill Crooked river Cross pen
Cumberland Curatoe hill Danks Danks station Dawkins smokey hole
Decoy Dee side Denbigh Denhigh Denhigh plain
Diamond Dry hill Dry river Dunkley Dunkley dry river
Dunkleys Dunkleys pen Ebony park Eden Effort
Endeavour Exeter Exter Fairburn Falkeners
Farenough Folly Fort george Four paths Frankfield
Free people Freetown Friendship George fort Glenroy
Gloster Good endeavour Gordons store Goshen Goulbourne
Goulbournes Gowrie Grantham Green park Greenock
Greenwich Greenwick Greenwicki Grimett Grimmetts
Guinea corn Gunters hill Halse hall Halsey hall Hamilton pen
Harewood Harmony hall Harmony hall pen Harmony hill Hatchfield
Hayes Hazard Healthfield Heartherfield Heathfield
Hendley Hillside Holyland corner Hope Hopewell
Hunts pen Industry Inverness Jack monday Jacksons bay
James hill Johns hall Kellets Kellits Kemps hill
Kennedys Knights Kupuis Lance wood valley Lawrence mocho
Leicesterfield Leicesterfields Liberty hill Lime hall Lionel town
Logans junction Logie green Long wood Longville Low ground pen
Lowes corner Lowes pen Lucky valley Ludlow Mahoe garden
Mahoe gardens Maimsey valley Malmsey valley Manhoe gardens Manningfield pen
Manningsfield Mason river May pen Mears Mears pen
Milk pen Milk river Milk river bath Minho Mitchell town
Mocho Moneymuck Moneymusk pen Montpelier Moores
Moravia Moreland Morgans Mount cotterall Mount lebanus
Mount moses Mount nebo Mount pleasant Mount providence Mount zion
Netherfield New yarmouth Norwich Oakes Oakes pen
Oaks Old yarmouth Orange river pen Osborne store Palmers
Palmers cross Paradise Parnassus Peckham Pedro river
Pennants Perrine Perrins Portland Portland cottage
Portland village Predies Priddie's Pridees Pusey hall
Pusey hall pen Race course Raymonds Rectory Rest
Rest store Retirement Retreat Rhymesberry Rhymesbury
Richman park Richmond park Ritchies Robinsons new park Rock river
Rocky point Rodans dry river Rosewell Rosewells Roswalls
Roswell's Rowington Rowington park Rules pen Russell pen
Rymesberry Rymesbury Saint helena Saint jago Saint jago old works
Salt river Sandy bay Sandy gully Sandy gully pen Sanguinetti
Santamaria Sattons Saxony Saxony pen Scotts pass
Seven plantations Sevens Sevens plantation Shands cockpit Sheckles pen
Shickels Shickle's Shickles pen Simpsons Slanhope
Smithville Soursop turn Spaldings Spanish well Springfield
Stanhope Stewarton Suttons Suttons station Teak pen
Teaks pen Thatch pen The alley The alves The bath
The cross The rectory The rest Thompson Thompson town
Thompsons town Toll gate Tom kings Treadlight Trenton
Trout hall Troy Turtle pond Tweedside Unity
Village of spaldings Wallen Warsop Wedge well Whitaker corner
Whitnay turn Whitney Whitney turn Wilbury Wood hall
Woodside Yarmouth Yates savanna York

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