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Flag of Solomon Islands Solomon Islands

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Basic Facts
Country name conventional long form: none
conventional short form: Solomon Islands
local long form: none
local short form: Solomon Islands
former: British Solomon Islands
Gevernment typeparliamentary democracy
Capital name: Honiara
geographic coordinates: 9 26 S, 159 57 E
time difference: UTC+11 (16 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)
Flag descriptiondivided diagonally by a thin yellow stripe from the lower hoist-side corner; the upper triangle (hoist side) is blue with five white five-pointed stars arranged in an X pattern; the lower triangle is green
CurrencySolomon Islands dollar (SBD)
Internet country
Ports and terminalsHoniara, Malloco Bay, Shortland Harbor, Viru Harbor, Yandina
Agriculture productscocoa beans, coconuts, palm kernels, rice, potatoes, vegetables, fruit; timber; cattle, pigs; fish
Industriesfish (tuna), mining, timber
LocationOceania, group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean, east of Papua New Guinea
Coordinates8 00 S, 159 00 E
Area total: 28,450 sq km
land: 27,540 sq km
water: 910 sq km
Boundaries0 km
Coastline5,313 km
Climatetropical monsoon; few extremes of temperature and weather
Terrainmostly rugged mountains with some low coral atolls
Natural resourcesfish, forests, gold, bauxite, phosphates, lead, zinc, nickel
Natural hazardstyphoons, but rarely destructive; geologically active region with frequent earth tremors; volcanic activity
Population552,438 (July 2006 est.)
Ethnic groupsMelanesian 94.5%, Polynesian 3%, Micronesian 1.2%, other 1.1%, unspecified 0.2% (1999 census)
ReligionsChurch of Melanesia 32.8%, Roman Catholic 19%, South Seas Evangelical 17%, Seventh-Day Adventist 11.2%, United Church 10.3%, Christian Fellowship Church 2.4%, other Christian 4.4%, other 2.4%, unspecified 0.3%, none 0.2% (1999 census)
LanguagesMelanesian pidgin in much of the country is lingua franca; English is official but spoken by only 1%-2% of the population
note: 120 indigenous languages

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