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Flag of Barbados Barbados

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Basic Facts
Country name conventional long form: none
conventional short form: Barbados
Gevernment typeparliamentary democracy
Capital name: Bridgetown
geographic coordinates: 13 06 N, 59 37 W
time difference: UTC-4 (1 hour ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)
Flag descriptionthree equal vertical bands of blue (hoist side), gold, and blue with the head of a black trident centered on the gold band; the trident head represents independence and a break with the past (the colonial coat of arms contained a complete trident)
CurrencyBarbadian dollar (BBD)
Internet country
Ports and terminalsBridgetown
Agriculture productssugarcane, vegetables, cotton
Industriestourism, sugar, light manufacturing, component assembly for export
LocationCaribbean, island in the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela
Coordinates13 10 N, 59 32 W
ContinentCentral America and the Caribbean
Area total: 431 sq km
land: 431 sq km
water: 0 sq km
Boundaries0 km
Coastline97 km
Climatetropical; rainy season (June to October)
Terrainrelatively flat; rises gently to central highland region
Natural resourcespetroleum, fish, natural gas
Natural hazardsinfrequent hurricanes; periodic landslides
Population279,912 (July 2006 est.)
Ethnic groupsblack 90%, white 4%, Asian and mixed 6%
ReligionsProtestant 67% (Anglican 40%, Pentecostal 8%, Methodist 7%, other 12%), Roman Catholic 4%, none 17%, other 12%

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